Welcome to QQ International Instant Messenger!

The world has been changing at a rapid pace and so is China and its most used online communication tool QQ. Developed by Tencent over a decade ago, QQ has now released a multi-language supported version to enable the non-Chinese speaking community to connect with the 750+ million existing users.

Currently QQ International is available in a 6-language interface, English, French, Japanese, Spanish, German and Korean, and is fully compatible with all other Chinese versions of QQ. With its unique instant translation feature, QQ International chat client immediately translates your messages between 50 different languages, to help users overcome language barriers.

QQ International offers comprehensive online communication functions, including text messaging, video and voice chat as well as online and offline file transmission, and more.

Highlights about QQ International

  •  Instant Messenger is free to download and free to use
  • Compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista, and Mac OSx
  • Available in English, French, Japanese, Spanish, German and Korean
  • Real-time inline translator in 50+ language in the chat client
  • Group video chat supports up to 20 people at a time
  • 100+ Apps to enhance user experience
  • Online and offline file transmission
  • Send folders directly; no need to compress or zip folders

Facts about Tencent

  • Tencent is the largest Internet Company in China and 4th largest in the world by market cap, after Google, Amazon and Facebook
  • QQ is 2nd largest social network in the World after Facebook
  • 750+ million active QQ accounts as of May 2012
  • QQ.com is No.1 portal in China by pageviews and userviews
  • Wechat (aka Weixin) is No.1 smartphone community by registered user accounts

For more information, please visit Tencent’s Investor Relations fact sheet.


We are always looking for new partnership opportunities, content providers and new internet services that are valuable to our users, especially web services that have a strong China focus.

If you are interested in partnership opportunities, please contact us at qqimail@tencent.com

Application Developers:

We have opened up QQ International platform and welcome third-party developers to build applications on it. Please refer to the Developer’s Guide page for more information.