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Overcome language barriers with a better messenger

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Video calls, voice messages, texting with heaps of fun emoticons.
QQ makes sharing moments and memories much easier...
The fun is always on with 100+ million online users at any time.

QQ International for iPhone

Live translation

QQ comes with a built-in translator for all your chats. The automatic translation will sort your problems out when you need to overcome cultural distances.

Your global messenger

The most popular personal communications app in history:
over 1,000,000,000 registered users across 80+ countries.

Find friends online

Find and add friends from your phone contacts or link third party accounts.
Use the location-based discovery functions to find QQ users in your surroundings and make new friends.

Share what matters

Don't keep your best moments for yourself: sharing is caring,
and Qzone makes it easier to share multimedia content with people you care about .

Everywhere you go

QQ is available for Android, iOS/iPhone, Win, Mac, Web... and offers multi-device login
and cross-platform integration.

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